A little about me.

I love programming. I code in PHP, JavaScript, Java, C#, Objective C, Swift and CSS. I have worked on projects that have reached over 110 million users from all around the world, which has taught me critical skills in web development, data optimization, data security and, most importantly, customer service.

Aside from programming, I travel, play soccer, listen to music and enjoy good food. I am also passionate about things such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. I am always fascinated by new technologies that push the human race forward.

Things I love.

Envato Marketplace

I have been creating and publishing scripts for over 6 years on Envato.


I have worked on numerous projects for clients — from full-stack to AI.

Artificial Intelligence

I have done this and that and this and that and this and that.


I have developed services revolving around blockchain technology.

iOS Development

I have developed apps for iOS devices including jailbreak tweaks.


I have done SEO for clients to ensure that their site is on top.

I love working with these.

The world is fast-paced. I build for the future.

Every project I work on uses new technologies available at the time. I ensure that each project is built for tomorrow, not today. My developed services have reached over 110 million users across the globe.

I develop for scalability.

With all the necessary skills required for web development, I can design and create a professional website from scratch that fits your needs. It can be as simple as a one-page website to a complicated site that can be scaled to be used by millions.

I have experience developing web application technologies to accept payments (including Credit Cards and Cryptocurrency), run a forum management system, instant push notifications using Web Sockets, and more — all with AES256 bit encryption to ensure the safety of the app.


Sync your files across your WiFi network online without downloading anything. All data is encrypted.


Blockchain is the future, and some even call it the internet v2. Blockchain allows for a service to be created with security, trust, and transparency that's backed by math.

I have worked on an entirely automated Bitcoin escrow platform that works with the Bitcoin Blockchain to handle transactions.

Blockchain is exciting, that's why governments and big corporations are looking into it.

Blockchain image

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